Electric Facial Blackhead Removal Tool Vacuum Suction Acne Pore Face Cleaner Microdermabrasion Beauty Exfoliating Cleansing Machine Diamond Dermabrasion Machine

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Are you still confused with the blackheads and acne and the coarse pores on your face? Are you looking for an economic and effective facial cleaner product to eliminate these irritating skin problems? With this pore cleaner, having smooth and delicate skin won't be a dream any more. This item comes with 7 different kinds of probes of different effects that make your skin smoother, cleaner and with less fine lines, and it's designed with 2 different suction modes, continuous mode and discontinuous mode, each mode has adjustable 3 levels, free to switch. Adopting vacuum negative pressure suction principle, the blackhead and acne in the deep pore will be sucked out easily.
- 7 different circular form probes with different suction effects for your own preferences corresponding to the suction head.
- The microdermabrasion probe is suitable for removing dead skin and exfoliating, dermabrasion; the oval probe is designed to strengthen skin elasticity; the small round probe is suitable for delicate and hard to reach skin area; the large round probe is suitable for large pores and obvious blackheads skin; the 3 three largest suction cups is ideal for cupping massage to relieve skin fatigue.
- Strong vacuum negative pressure suction technology, easily suck out the blackheads and acne.
- Multifunctional beauty device which gathers exfoliating, pores clean, acne and blackhead removing, dermabrasion, massage in one.
- Designed with adjustable 2 different suction modes, continuous mode and discontinuous mode, each mode has adjustable 3 levels, free to switch.
- Safe and convenient to use, help your facial skin stay in a good condition, improve skin elasticity and smooth your skin deeply and effectively.
- Rechargeable powerful battery with USB charging cable for handy use without frequent replacements.
- Color: Rose Gold
- Material: ABS plastic
- Size: 18.5 x 4 x 2.5 cm (L x W x H)
- Input Voltage: DC5V
- Power: ≤5W
- Current: 600mAh
Warm tip
1) In continuous mode, the same skin area can not be sucked for more than 2 seconds.
2) Not recommended for wounded, scarred, or sensitive skin.
3) The machine is not waterproof, please don' t clean the body with water, while please wipe the water or other liquid on your hands before nursing. After cleansing, clean the filter cup, filter cap and replaceable beauty head.
4) Keep this product out of the reach of children.
5) After cleansing, the skin will appear slightly reddish, this is a normal phenomenon, if skin appear other abnormal phenomenon, please stop using and consult a doctor.
Package Listing
1 x Main machine
1 x Big cup shape suction head
1 x Big horn shape suction head
1 x Big arc suction head
1 x Microcrystalline head
1 x Oval hole suction head
1 x Big round hole suction head
1 x Small round hole suction head
6 x Rubber ring
1 x Bag of cleaning cotton
1 x USB cable
1 x English and ChineseUser manual